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Therapeutic Philosophy

As a psychologist, my goal is to help you find a sense of well being and personal balance. The initial step is to identify the areas of difficulty that are interfering with you getting what you want in your life. To facilitate the desired changes, we create a therapeutic plan suited to your unique needs. My main therapeutic approach is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I also incorporate Mindfulness Based Therapy and Insight Oriented Therapy. With couples, my approach is based on Emotionally Focused Therapy and interpersonal strategies. Usually, therapy involves more than one therapeutic approach and it will be based on your specific needs.

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Virtual Counselling



Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Changing the Way You Think

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helps individuals become aware of and change self-defeating thoughts and behaviours that contribute to their emotional distress and symptoms. An important component of CBT is the learning and practice of coping strategies that help individuals manage their symptoms, change their perspective and choose constructive and creative responses to their life stressors.

By changing the way that we think, we can start creating a path to well-being and personal fulfillment.

Insight-Oriented Therapy: Knowing Yourself

Insight-Oriented Therapy helps individuals understand the source of their fears, life experiences and unresolved emotions contributing to their dissatisfaction with aspects of their lives. 

Knowledge of ourselves can help us create a greater sense of emotional balance.

Mindfulness Based Therapy: Mind-Body Connection

Mindfulness Based Strategies are an important part of my therapeutic approach. These strategies include Mindfulness meditation which has been proven to help quiet the mind of excessive worry and negative thoughts. Mindfulness also contributes to a general sense of physical and mental well-being, by increasing the focus on the present and creating a feeling of calmness and personal balance.

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